Favorite Novels with Environmental Themes

THE BROKEN EARTH TRILOGY by NK Jemisin - A truly fantastic trilogy with astounding world-building and characters. The Earth is also a character, fighting back against humans for trying to control it. Natural disasters on a scale that can wipe entire civilizations.

THE SOUTHERN REACH TRILOGY by Jeff VanderMeer - The ecology of Area X is deceptively normal at first, and it's fun to realize just how alien this new environment is as the characters explore it.

THE SALT LINE by Holly Goddard Jones - A world similar to ours, but with a major difference: a deadly tick population has exploded, causing humans to retreat behind "salt lines" to create safe, enclosed spaces. The book's main characters venture into tick territory as part of a thrill-seeking experience.

PARABLE OF THE SOWER by Octavia Butler - Reading this, it's hard to imagine Butler published it in 1993. Her vision of climate change and the resulting economic damage is frighteningly accurate. I haven't read the rest of the Earthseed books, but they're high on my list.

THE MADDADDAM TRILOGY by Margaret Atwood - These books deftly balance portraits of the world pre- and post-plague. The pre-plague world is so dominated by corporations and genetic foolery, the plague kind of does it a favor.

I'm excited to read...
Gold Fame Citrus by Claire Vaye Watkins
South Pole Station by Ashley Shelby
Memory of Water by Emmi Itaranta
Borne by Jeff VanderMeer
Blackfish City by Sam J. Miller
Clade by James Bradley

What about your favorite eco-fiction novels? Got any recommendations for me?


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