PBS: Sinking Cities

I'm not doing well at updating the blog right now. My best intentions are to continue to provide resources and tips for using real environmental science to create good cli-fi and eco-fiction. But this summer I'm taking Calculus and Physics (plus lab) at the same time over a 10-week period, plus starting a new novel (with wildfires!) So...the limit may not exist for Cady Heron, but I'll fail my exams if I write that for every answer.

That being said, I recently watched the Miami episode of the PBS documentary series "Sinking Cities" and it was amazing. If anyone is wondering about sea level rise, I highly recommend this series. It covers what sea level rise looks like currently, why sea walls may not be solutions for every area (thanks, Karst topography,) and looks to the future while envisioning possible solutions (stay and try to overcome with technology, or retreat inland?)

So, until I can go into a little more detail on sea level rise, flooding, and why it's Antarctica we really need to be worrying about (the floating Arctic melting doesn't directly contribute to sea level rise--the indirect consequences have to do with the albedo effect), I hope you'll take my recommendation and watch "Sinking Cities." Plus, some of the technology is really cool and would look great in a near-future science fiction story!


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