30-Day Challenge

One of the to-do list items in the 30-Day Challenge is to engage someone skeptical about climate change in a discussion. I'm broadening that aspect of the challenge to encompass engaging everyone in a discussion.

I'm in school for environmental science, and I'm learning a lot of cool things. One purpose of this blog is to share what I'm learning, and emphasize that we are never done learning. I currently do not live nearly as sustainable a lifestyle as I could, but I'm trying to make improvements and glean information from others on this journey with me. I like to share the resources I've found so others can view them and come to their own conclusions, while still highlighting issues I find important. I also love receiving new resources and perspectives from others.

Have anything cool to share? Want me to help you find some resources about environmental science or climate change? Want to engage in a productive discussion about the issues facing humanity and our planet? I'm here for that. Come learn with me.


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