BURN BRIGHT - Australian dystopian/fantasy YA novel you MUST read

A couple months ago, I came across BURN BRIGHT by Marianne de Pierres on Goodreads. The cover drew me in, and the blurb made me obsess. I had to have this book, and I had to have it NOW. It was the kind of book for which I would have immediately driven 45 minutes to the nearest Borders to purchase. The only problem?

It isn't available in the US.

So I e-mailed the author, begging her to tell me when it would be available. She said they were working on it, but in the meantime I ought to enter a podcast contest. So I entered the contest, similarly begging the people running it to choose me as one of the winners because I am not from Australia and do not have access to Australian books that aren't available worldwide or in this country.

The Book Goddess was smiling on me that day, because I won a copy of the book.

I got it in the mail a month later (shipping halfway around the world takes a looooong time, and I looked at my mail EVERY DAY for an entire month hoping it would be there, even long before I knew it would be).

Have you ever known you'd love a book even before you read it? I had that. Rather than my high expectations disappointing me, they were met and exceeded. I rushed through BURN BRIGHT in a matter of days, taking it with me wherever I went and burying my nose in it every second of downtime I had in my day.

BURN BRIGHT is a tantalizing blend of dystopia and fantasy, telling the story if Ixion, a land of ever-night and everlasting parties with mysterious absolute rules and dark creatures lurking just outside of the lighted paths. Ixion seems like a paradise to the teens who live in the dystopian world outside of it, but once the protagonist, Retra, gets there, she sees that Ixion hides things potentially more dangerous than the world from which she ran away. And the two worlds are more connected than any of the teens could have suspected.

I will probably pay however much it costs to have a book shipped from Australia when the sequel, ANGEL ARIAS, comes out later this year. (I think it's like $30). I'm that desperate for it.

So why am I posting on my blog about a book most of you can't access (not even on Kindle)? The author wants it to be available in the US and other countries, but she needs our help. If it sounds like something you might be interested in reading, blog about it, and like the facebook page. That's why I'm writing this blog. I'm a US reader who LOVED the book, and I really think other US readers would love it, too. Do you hear me US foreign rights people?

I WOULD have a contest to give away my copy... but no. A) I like it way too much and will probably want to re-read it several times, and B) it's signed and personalized ;)

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