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BURN BRIGHT - Australian dystopian/fantasy YA novel you MUST read

A couple months ago, I came across BURN BRIGHT by Marianne de Pierres on Goodreads. The cover drew me in, and the blurb made me obsess. I had to have this book, and I had to have it NOW. It was the kind of book for which I would have immediately driven 45 minutes to the nearest Borders to purchase. The only problem?

It isn't available in the US.
So I e-mailed the author, begging her to tell me when it would be available. She said they were working on it, but in the meantime I ought to enter a podcast contest. So I entered the contest, similarly begging the people running it to choose me as one of the winners because I am not from Australia and do not have access to Australian books that aren't available worldwide or in this country.
The Book Goddess was smiling on me that day, because I won a copy of the book.
I got it in the mail a month later (shipping halfway around the world takes a looooong time, and I looked at my mail EVERY DAY for an entire month hoping it would be th…